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CH89 operates across several media platforms to promote your music talents, we do this with a love of music. CH89 Global is looking for artists in the following genres:

Rock - Jazz - Blues - Country - Hip Hop - DJ's - Dance - R&B - Easy Listening - Punk - Rap

*Works can be submitted by file transer MP3 for Radio & MP4 for Musica Internationale' on CH89 Global YouTube.



Friday & Saturdays Hit Mix on Musica Internationale' (Prime time Australia, Europe U.S. Sth America & U.K.

Sundays: Jazz, Blues, Country

Radio: TBC

*Programming will be updated and added to - CH89 Global welcomesartist participation and input.

Internationale' Market Place.

Have a product or service that can be marketed internationally? CH89 Global will facilitate product sales for you. Customers will simply be able click, link & buy (Your business will be featured as international partners) for more information on how to simply internationalise your product or Music Industry aligned servces today!

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