CH89 Global in 2022

One World, Many Voices!

The Just Imagines on location in Koblenz, Germany.
The Just Imagines "Meet the Artists behind the Music"

January 30th 2022 (Sunday 8:30PM) CET, New York, London & Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Looking for Artists to release one of these every month or two (Dependant on length)

CH89 Global Aims and Objectives for 2022

CH89 Global Logo

Corporate Logo
Next Door Neighbour Products is the Production house behind CH89 Global

Meet the Artists - a further 6 episodes to be developed (Could look at more) taking Interest NOW

​Advertisements (Supply footage of you, track album or appearance to be marketed) Enquire NOW

​More Artists needed (POP, Rock, Country, Jazz, Hip Hop & Rap) There are several programming ideas too fill including CH89 Global Radio.

​Album Launches - Live Shows (YouTube NOW & Vimeo 2nd half of year


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