CH89 Global - Integrated Entertainment by emerging artists.

Whats been happening behind the scenes?

CH89 Global has been branded on critical platforms, the abbreviation "CH89" has replaced Channel 89 as it is more aesthetically pleasing and has a wider range of design options moving forward.

What platforms have been branded CH89 Global?

Currently two platforms Vimeo (Live Stage 1) and YouTube (Ch89 Originals)

CH89 Global Vimeo: Live stage one will stream gigs including DJ sets, pre-recorded gigs either unplugged or from a venue, Special Events, and some premiere programming. The platform will operate as a reasonably priced paywall service offering income to artists and NDNP. The premise of this as always with ndnp is collaboration, the more innovative and creative in selling your story the more your audience will grow. Artists will be compensated for their performances on a per head or PAX total, in a percentage split between NDNP and the artist.

CH89 Global YouTube: The YouTube platform will house artist playlists (Artists responsibility to maintain) and Musica Internationale as well as original NDNP and CH89 Global content. The channel is gaining momentum and will be at a point of possible monetization within 3 months.

(Watch time needs to increase, perhaps you may want to check out the considerable talent on the channel?) The payment schedule for CH89 Global YouTube works on the premise that:

1) The Channel Monetizes and content cycles through generating ad revenue

2) "Originals" production, marketing, and consistent representation that grows diverse loyal fans and audiences that attracts advertising revenue and also creates its own opportunities to value add.

(Draft proposal on earnings will be released soon, the ethos and core ideal of ndnp is compensation model to aide development and grow further artist potential)

Social Media

Twitter: As most of us know Twitter is a very effective way of creating hype and if done well getting your music out there and generating considerable interest. But social media is a numbers game, it only works when people follow each other. This communication will be delivered to roughly 530 people, the power that we could harness by doing this is considerable and before long reaches its critical mass snowballing and growing. When NDNP and CH89 global is seen, you're seen, your music is heard by an ever-increasing audience. Can those of you receiving this communication that has a Twitter profile please follow: - Much appreciated!

Facebook: The core majority of people receiving this are friends on Facebook and also associated by the Facebook group Hard, Soft and Greasy home to extremely talented artists and great supporters of CH89 Global. The artists that have friend requested me or I have requested you, has been done in the hope that a diverse culture and talent base can make this a truly global performance space and medium. A little later in this communication, there will a specific call to action.

Tik Tok: Specific advertising for artists and programming, if any of you out there want to get Tik Tok level crazy creative feel free, we'll be more than happy to promote any contributing artist or program idea that aides you and us.

After much investigating I can report that Zeno FM has been chosen to stream CH89 Global Radio that will feature music from emerging artists (You) as well as commercial artists (Through BPM Supreme). Zeno pays royalties to artists whose music is in the CH89 Global playlist, also Zeno has a monetization feature, where they have advertisers sourced by them and pays the station advertising revenue. Another feature is that listeners can click and donate to the channel (details of remuneration out soon).

The vision of CH89 global has always been to provide a diverse array of platforms that allow artists to utilize for development, fan base, and income, CH89 Global will definitely give artists that want to partner with NDNP and CH89 Global avenues to market, whilst providing great entertainment globally!

Apart from Music, there will also be some community-based programming that is currently being explored. This will hopefully allow the station to attract and keep "grassroots" listeners that can organically increase audience share, this will be initially based in Melbourne and depending on its performance can be utilized in international markets.

Barring any unforeseen technical glitches, the radio stream will commence on Wednesday the 27th playing looped music at first until a programming schedule can be put in place.

Positions Vacant - CH89 Global Radio (Live Program Presenters)

Do you want to host your own show, where you get to promote your own music? Play the music of contemporaries and legends? Have your own guests? Get Creative?

CH89 Radio is looking for you, please contact by emailing your interest and programming idea to:

Positions Vacant - CH89 Global Radio (Artist Music for Radio playlist)

Please express your interest to NDNP - Clearly identifying Genre, Artist/Band/Group name, and 1 track in MP3 format by emailing:

We are also seeking those artists who would like to have a go at recording short messages and edgy station promos etc.

Programming Development 2-3 Months.

Filming and broadcasting are currently being discussed for gigs at live venues around Melbourne, the idea is to help live venues get back on their feet by featuring some of the acts that make Melbourne a significant artistic and cultural city, whilst helping ensure the survival of live acts in my city.

Finally, I ask sincerely that you come on board this has been so far 18 months of work to get this business and concept ready to launch and provide a 100% unique and beneficial partnership for all. As the Notting Hillbillies sang (Mark Knopher - Dire Straits) "You can lead a horse to water but you can't