Matt Strader Hosts Indie Box

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Host of "Indie Box" on CH89 Global Radio.
Matt Starder - "You are just getting older"

Matt Strader is producing Indie content for ch89 Global Radio.

Matt Strader whom many of you would know is hosting an Indie inspired radio show titled "Indie Box". Matt is currently recording episodes that will be broadcast soon (Date, Tba)

This marks the first show in the series of music shows that are deciated by genre, to be streamed via for ch89 Global Radio. Matt a talented and prolific artist sounds at home as DJ with a great voice for radio. The format which features and chats to Indie artists is sure to do well. Eric Child (Magpie Sally Has had a major role in getting this together and in true Magpie style no sooner said than done, thanks Eric.
CH89 Global Radio streamed via

We still need hosts for other music genres.

Indie is not going to be the only genre festured on CH89 Globsl and therefore we more hosts who can bring their flare, style & creativity to the airwaves.

Zeno has a listener donation function that artists will benefit from. Advertising can also be sourced by NDNP (And hosts) and Zeno also actively solicits advertisers for their best performing stations.

Some of the upcoming shows, that hosts are needed for.

Apart from these and other genres (Heavy Metal etc) will be produced.

Commercial Content

Besides the Box shows, CH89 Global will be feature commercial artists in most genres.

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