New Arrivals - Musica Internationale' on CH89 - Artist Introduction.

Jay Mickens - Ridgewood, New Jersey U.S.A.

Jay Mickens is a singer/songwriter from Tenafly, New Jersey. Inspired mainly by the work of Jimi Hendrix, he’s been rockin’ on his guitar for nearly seven years and writing music for two. Jay is also influenced by some other major names in music, including Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and Damien Rice, which is translated through his work. Playing guitar and composing songs are Jay’s biggest passions and there is nothing he loves more, which shows in the intricately constructed tunes he’s made thus far. Strong vocal melodies and harmonious acoustic accompaniment have collided in a catchy, note-worthy, soft rock sound that will be stuck in your head for days. Jay’s artistic song-writing abilities are raw and genuine – a rare gem in today’s over-produced music scene. He’s currently writing a new album, which is being recorded with Dr. A-Hawk at Bennett Studios, and two of his songs, “Beyond Me” and “If You Just Believe”, can be heard on his Facebook page (, Myspace page (, and on YouTube ( Jay also plays in as many public venues as possible and you can find him performing live somewhere almost every week (and probably in a Jimi t-shirt). So keep your eyes and ears open for new music from Jay Mickens. (Courtesy of

"A rare gem in today’s over-produced music scene."

Urban Urbanus Swart - Hotazel, Sth. Africa

Urban Swart is a prolific producer of music, performing in the Industrial Horror Metal band from South-Africa. Black Light Counsel. Featuring Artist's local and International. Main Composer - Urban Swart. Permanent Contributing Artists - Dr. D & Alec Surridge. Black Light Counsel is a one man industrial Metal band in South-Africa. Urban Swart is a multi instrumentalist and the Composer for Black Light Counsel he produces his own songs and is a In-depended artist for the moment. Braking threw barriers with his new single F@CK LIFE! Black Light Counsel have released 4 albums and 14 ep's and a few singles. He's music is starting to spread the globe and he is braking new boundaries with his unique sound. Free downloads available on bandcamp. Metal on!

To Kill Porter - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma U.S.A.

To Kill Porter's (TKP), style is somewhere between Hank Williams and the Sex Pistols, they have a fun and unique sound. TKP plays across Oklahoma and North Texas and is known for its catchy (Sing-A-Long) tunes and and energetic and visual live shows. Formed in Oklahoma City by Jon Aldieri, songwriter and front man, TKP's songs are influenced by life experience, roots, and, women. As the band likes to say, "Get Porterized!". TKP are excited to announce they have inked a promotions deal with Sonic Boom Promotions. Sonic Boom will help TKP land its footprint on some festival stages and begin PORTERIZING new markets.

TKP is taking bookings now, see the CONTACT page for more information!


The Base Coats release there New Single "Run" on the 25/06 and are aiming for more than 500 streams on the first day of release on Spotify

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