Producers Monthly

By Paul Williams, Producer of Musica Internationale' and CH89. (Next Door Neighbour Productions )

August Edition 2021

Well howdy ladies and gents, boys and girls welcome to a new edition of producers monthly where I get to keep you up to date in everything CH89 and Musica Internationale.

Firstly I want to start by thanking each and every artist that has consented to allow streaming of their performances on Musica Internationale'. Whilst there has been a lot of frustration in trying to establish a brand on YouTube at this time (I will not mention the obvious) I have come to realize that I indeed may be fortunate? I ask this question as I most likely deep down know the answer, and that is with all the pressures, hurdles, and unprecedented conditions I am having a valuable learning experience and have been forced to be agile and creative. This I think is invaluable as it is ingraining a resilience and a very strong will to achieve!

Having got that out of the way and reaffirmed my mission, I wanted to share with you all what has been going on behind the scenes and what the show will look like moving forward. At the time of writing this, I have again been dealt an internet outage, which is a common occurrence here at the moment as the entire city of Melbourne is in lockdown. Now without trying to make excuses I can outline what would be the main factors I believe that is causing this to occur.

1) The regulator for broadband internet in Australia has thought it wise not to increase bandwidth to its retail customers despite, work from home and virtually five million captive persons in the City of Melbourne congesting and massively shaping the network speed.

2) Online gamers... Say no more, except for the fact that the best I can hope for in upload at the best of times is 20 Mbps, however that's fanciful and 16 for me is the average when the gods are smiling. (You might not be aware that I have a lot of experience 20+ years of working in the telecommunications sector)

So it is very clear that in order to guarantee stability I will need to source a little space in a business hub with corporate grade internet speeds of100/50, stable connection. preferably with access to a boardroom as well.

Changes to Musica Internationale'

In this week's Musica Internationale' program, I have introduced a gig guide. I see this as an essential feature of the programming, it creates a sense of community as well as furthers the ethos of One world, Many voices! So please send me gig details as well as any promo material, it will have a weekly spot on the show and its own dedicated webpage that will be updated country by country on a regular basis to ensure up-to-date reliable listings.

*Please provide details on ticket purchasing

*Any relevant info i.e. special instruction, direction, etc.

- Focus on.

Focus on was started last week (Friday, 13th Aug) and has been continued with the same artist, Emme Pierre. The idea here is to feature the artists' music and when I can write up specific interview questions (this weekend, fingers crossed) an interview-style Q & A segment will be added. This will consist of the group or soloist reading the questions and answering/discussing in a light-hearted get-to-know feel.


In this week's show right at the end, there is a bit of a spiel on advertising that I am wanting to push for obvious reasons. So the advertisers I am seeking should be performance/music-related or affiliated industries, preferably with mail order or courier capabilities (Worldwide or nationally) for example I am wanting to approach a couple of Aussie companies, you might know them? Maton and Rode Microphones haha. So I need a performer out there to come forward and help. What I need is:

* An artist or artist who plays a Maton guitar and or uses a Rode Microphone, I want to be able to do "what I like about the product" on camera (we can discuss finer details) and use it as a pitch for their business. Can you please contact me if you use both or either of these products? Or I will simply keep posting and posting, asking and asking until you do haha.

-More Artists, Please?

Those of you reading this can you please consider letting other artists/groups know the more songs that get played the more people involved it's a numbers game! Those who come to check out a particular artist see you and check you out. I want to focus on playing the social media game better. So I have an "I support" CH89 & Musica Internationale' graphic/hyperlink that if I can be so bold as to ask that you can add to social media/websites? Pretty Please?


I have a Patreon page as a struggling startup I am wanting listeners and watchers to know and feel the need to donate. This ultimately helps all of us and can be very useful to enhance quality, connectivity for users of CH89, and also connectivity to you to sell and gain audience share.


New Artist

Introducing Sokel A.K.A. Jimmy Jamal Okello