Why 89? Its Bloody Obvious!

One world, Many voices!

Next Door Neighbour Productions - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Author: Paul D Williams (Founder & Director) Next Door Neighbour Productions.

One world, Many voices!

Is more than a slogan & more than a business concept. What this is, is the rebuilding of grass roots music, and artists getting what they truly deserve, and that is an audience! I thought very deeply about a phrase that could sum up why I had this idea, then the concept and the continuing design process of this channel. So here's why. We as a human race are repeating the same mistakes that we have made for thousands of years, over and over again, we have forgotten how to communicate, tell stories and influence each other to understand our different perspectives, points of view and cultures. When we discard the first and most valuable tool (often the first to be sacrificed) the art of story telling through music and eventually dialogue collapses. The real stories of our world can help unite and share and serve too drive collaboration, so we all can believe and unite in a common cause, and that is the freedom to express and celebrate through art our individualism and talent.


So what is 89?

I wanted the channel to be far more than a catchy title but more of a destination! Whether it be 8 select, 9 select on a remote or manually changing the channel on an analogue tv, there is a destination, CH89!

As with channels that broadcast (Stream) particular attention is paid to highlighting genres but encouraging all too see all and all to hear! When we work together and embark on carving out firstly, a niche, then a message and finally a voice, that can be heard the world over, then and only then will we be truly communicating.

"Simply put a global network of like minded artists, producers, record labels, broadcasters and audience."

Musica Internationale'

As the name suggests music from all walks of life, socio economic background, languages, nationalities, creeds and cultures. Featuring performances, interviews, self learning, events promotion and entertainment.


As you might not be aware this idea for channel 89 was originally meant to serve my home state as a concept to drive artist development and too broadcast, but after two rejected artistic grant proposal submissions I decided to take it global in order too not let the idea and passion of mine die. So as there is Musica Internationale' for music there is ACT OUT! for drama, comedy and comedians. This will be developed after Musica Internationale' is operational and has secured market share and a revenue stream capable of sustaining investment. With this inclusion talent will be able to service all artistic requirements needed to ensure the art and the broadcasting of the stories that inevitably ensue.

Artist News & World Rap!

Channel 89's very own news service eventually harnessing the voices and news from the artistic world weekly.

Market Creation.

(In a nutshell)

One very important thing I have learned is that taste is global and substantive entertainment will always find ways to create markets. I think back to when I was a toddler and the story of ABBA. The Swedish super group won Eurovision in 1974 and has inspired further successes 1991, 1999, 2012 and most recently 2015. After the 74 success ABBA was still a relative outsider and below par when it came to commercial success in the music industry. That all changed when one man, Mr Ian Molly Meldrum was convinced that Australians would love this band. Through his iconic music show "Countdown" (televised on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) on ABC TV or "aunty" as us aussies refer to it affectionately. From there ABBA was again noticed in the U.K. with SOS reaching number six on the charts on the 20th of September 1975. Previously Waterloo reached number 1 in April of 74, then lacklustre performances of "Ring Ring" in July 74 only reaching 32 on the charts, and I DO I DO I DO I DO fairing worse only getting to 38 in the U.K. charts. But the U.K. and indeed the world took notice as ABBA broke sales records in Australia forcing people to listen and thus catapulted them to build and grow to the Super Group status they are known for today.

It was the vision of Ian "Molly" Meldrum with his conviction and talent that started the ball rolling again for this band. Now I am no Ian "Molly" Meldrum but he proved a point, that knowing markets and backing your judgement you could influence the world through your love of music.

We together can do the same and is the simple but effective strategy that will propel CH89, these days however due to the ease at which we can communicate we can influence not only the audience but also inspire more talent to shine.

What does CH89 need most importantly?

"We need partnerships and the ability to broadcast (Stream) and the license to act as a conduit to the artist and or record label, driving awareness and earnings."

Whilst continuing to drive the perpetuation of new artists and markets for them to trade in.

So why join 89?

It's bloody Obvious!